2019/2020 season – credits/refunds

The members listed below have made payments for games which have subsequently been suspended. Apologies if your payment is not included – in which case contact Juggy.


If you would like a refund or to retain this payment as a credit for a future match please:

  • Text Juggy on 07469253187 to confirm whether you want a refund or retain the payment as a credit
  • If you want a refund please email lwccfc@outlook.com with your bank account sort code and account number


Name Amount Matches
Andrew Hughes (refunded) 165 Burton/Oxford/Peterborough/Accrington/Lincoln (£20 shirt draw)
Andy Cooper (refunded) 40 Lincoln
Ben Alsop (refunded) 230 Blackpool/Gillingham/Accrington/Burton/Oxford/Peterborough/Wycombe/Shrewsbury/Lincoln
Clive Barnwell (refunded) 10 Shrewsbury (shirt draw)
Dave Treadwell (refunded) 50 Lincoln/Accrington (£40 shirt draw)
Dave Welch (refunded) 75 Lincoln
Dennis Brown (credit) 80 Accrington (£10 to shirt draw)
Gary Collins (refunded) 55 Shrewsbury/Lincoln
Gary Jones (refunded) 200 Blackpool/Lincoln/Accrington/Gillingham (£100 shirt draw)
Geoff Wild (refunded) 20 (shirt draw)
Jamie Davies (refunded) 140 ?/Lincoln
Justin Spires (credit) 45 Lincoln
Mark Johnson (refunded) 15 Shrewsbury
Mark Woodbridge (refunded) 60 Lincoln (less foodbank donation of £30 & shirt draw)
Martin Gardner (refunded) 300 Blackpool/Accrington/Gillingham/Lincoln (£20 shirt draw)
Mick Parham (credit) 90 Lincoln
Neal Snell (refunded) 50 Blackpool/Gillingham (£30 draw)
Nick Sellwood (refunded) 10 Shrewsbury (shirt draw)
Nigel Robbins (credit) 90 Oxford
Paul Newton (refunded) 80 Lincoln/Accrington
Pete Watson (refunded) 50 Accrington/Lincoln (£80 shirt draw)
Peter Hallam (refunded) 80 Lincoln/Gillingham
Richard Pick (refunded) 50 Lincoln/Wycombe
Rod Dean 20 Shrewsbury